© Larry Kwon

© Larry Kwon

12 Musas

contemporary flamenco ensemble

From the many flamenco rhythms based in twelve beats, we find our inspiration. The 12 beats are our 12 muses, or Doce Musas.

This was a project that I started together with Jonathan Lewis, musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, then based in Calgary, Canada. We were inspired to explore both traditional and contemporary flamenco, interweaving traditional forms with original compositions by Jonathan. All of our pieces always involved elements of improvisation, in both dance and music. Together, we also played with completely free improvisations between dance and violin, taking risks and exploring where it would take us in the moment. At the time, there were no flamenco singers in Calgary and instead we were interested in including piano into our flamenco ensemble, something that Calgary hasn’t seen before. This project was well recieved by our audiences, resulting in numerous concerts over the years as well as a few recorded pieces. It was also personally incredibly satisfying to be able to create and dance alongside amazing musicians who supported and believed in me.

Dance: Anastassiia Alexander
Violin, viola: Jonathan Lewis
Guitar, voice: Ricardito (Ricardo Sánchez, Mexico city)
Guitar: David Matyas
Guest musicians: Mark Limacher (piano), Esteban Herrera (piano), Derek Stoll (piano), Jorge Villena (guitar)


Photography: Larry Kwon
Graphic design: Anastassiia Alexander