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Welcome to my vibrant flamenco dance classes in Calgary! Since 2009, I have been passionately teaching flamenco and sharing the rich and dynamic spirit of this art form with dancers of all levels. With extensive experience gained from teaching in both Mexico and Canada, and collaborating with different dance companies, I bring a unique and authentic touch to every class. Join me and immerse yourself in the rhythm, energy, and elegance of flamenco dance right here in Calgary!

Classes will resume on July 16th and 17th. Consider subscribing to my mailing list below and stay up-to-date with all the future announcements.

Flamenco Dance Classes Schedule – July/August 2024

Intermediate:   6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Advanced:   7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Beginner:    7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Beyond Compas: Palmas & Rhythm
TBD – Please contact me if interested to attend

Private Lessons
Available upon request. Please contact for scheduling.

Dance classes are held at UniverseSoul Dance Studio
(Bay 13 – 3300 14th Ave NE)
Please contact for location of Palmas class

Drop-in:  $25
Monthly:  $85 ($20/hr year average)
5-class pack:  $115 ($23/hr, 12 month expiry)
10-class pack:  $210 ($21/hr, 12 month expiry)

Drop-in:  $35
Monthly:  $125 ($20/hr year average)
4-class pack:  $138 ($23/hr, 12 month expiry)
7-class pack:  $220 ($21/hr, 12 month expiry)

Beyond Compas:
Drop-in:  $25
4-class pack:  $80 (12 month expiry date)

Private Classes:
Single class:  $65/hour (studio fee not included)
5-class pack:  $300 (pre-paid in advance)
Semi-private pack:  $35/hour per person (up to 3 people)

To register, please contact me at:

Choreography Classes Description

Beginner Choreography:
Assumes no previous experience: Perfect for those new to flamenco, these classes introduce the fundamental steps and movements.
Class length: 1 hour
Accompaniment: Most classes feature live guitar and singing accompaniment to help students learn how to work with live musicians and understand flamenco as a language.
Choreographies: Different choreographies are taught on a rotating basis to provide a well-rounded introduction to flamenco dance.

Intermediate Choreography:
Experience required: Best suited for dancers with at least one year of experience.
Class length: 1.5 hour
Technique component: Strong emphasis on developing technique alongside learning choreography.
Accompaniment: Most classes feature live guitar and singing accompaniment to help students learn how to work with live musicians and understand flamenco as a language.
Choreographies: Different choreographies are taught on a rotating basis to expand the dancer’s repertoire and skills.

Advanced Choreography:
Experience required: Designed for dancers who are ready for more challenging classes and have been dancing for a few years.
Class length: 1.5 hour
Technique component: Strong focus on advanced techniques to refine and perfect skills.
Accompaniment: Live guitar and singing accompaniment is provided as needed, allowing for flexibility in advanced training.
Choreographies: Different choreographies are taught on a rotating basis to continuously challenge and inspire advanced dancers.

Beyond Compas Class Description

Flamenco Musicality and Rhythm – Approach Flamenco as a Language:
In this class, you’ll enhance your musicality and rhythm, skills that are applicable across various flamenco styles. Learn the foundational elements of basic compás accompaniment and explore the different palos to gain a deeper understanding of their unique rhythms and structures. We will practice percussion exercises that will sharpen your timing and coordination, helping you become a more versatile flamenco dancer or musician.

Additionally, we will cover the effective use of the metronome to improve your precision and timing, and provide techniques for productive home practice. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, this class is designed to meet you at your level and help you grow. Join us to deepen your connection to flamenco and elevate your rhythmic skills. Suitable for all levels.

Bulerias Demystified Workshop Series

Unlock the Rhythm and Spirit of Bulerías – Dance with Joy, Confidence, and Passion:
Bulerías por fiesta is undeniably one of the most exhilarating flamenco styles, accessible to dancers of all levels. These workshops aim to demystify it, focusing on the structure, rhythm, and knowing when the rules hold or break, with a strong emphasis on compas. Join me to embrace bulerías’ spirit and enjoy the moment!

These workshops are offered on a regular basis throughout the year. I also partner with talented musicians such as visiting guitarist Ricardo Sánchez, Ricardito, who collaborated with me from March to May 2024. Together, we originally created these workshops during the COVID period.

Flamenco ColLAB

Embrace the Essence of Flamenco – Learn, Share, and Grow Together:
Flamenco ColLab is a unique workshop where you can bring any piece you’re working on or unsure about and receive expert guidance. Whether it’s a complete dance or just a section, this workshop offers personalized feedback to help you refine your technique and choreography.

The collaborative nature of this class allows you to not only get the help you need but also learn from the questions and experiences of other dancers. By working together, we create a supportive environment where everyone can grow and enhance their flamenco skills. Useful at any level, this is a unique opportunity to advance your practice through shared learning and mutual support.

Located in Calgary, Canada, I provide a comprehensive range of flamenco dance offerings, including regular classes, specialized workshops, and personalized one-on-one training. With over a decade of experience instructing flamenco, my teaching approach adopts an integrated perspective on flamenco as a language, delving into its core elements of dance, singing, guitar, and palmas.

Each class prioritizes a robust technique component within a supportive and growth-oriented atmosphere. My aim is to deliver a well-rounded flamenco education with a focus on the musical dimensions of the dance form. Additionally, I host regular workshops covering bulerias por fiesta, palmas, compas, and rhythm, suitable for enthusiasts, dancers, musicians, and vocalists alike.

As students progress in their flamenco journey, they have the opportunity to participate in my cuadro during tablao performances, enriching their experience and honing their skills in a live setting.

Stay up-to-date with class offerings and gain exclusive insights and stories!

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