Currently, I am based in Calgary, Canada, and I offer a combination of regular flamenco dance classes, specialized workshops, and one-on-one training.

I have over ten years of experience in teaching flamenco classes as a guest instructor at varios dance schools and as an instructor and co-director of the Fiona Malena Flamenco Academy (Calgary, Canada). Currently, I am offering classes focused on integral approach to flamenco as a language and include thorough analysis of all the elements: dance, singing, guitar, and palmas. All my classes also include strong technique component aiming at challenging students in a safe and growth-oriented environment. My goal to provide well-rounded flamenco training to my students emphasising musical aspects of flamenco dance. To this end, I also offer regular workshops in bulerias por fiesta, palmas, compas and rhythm. These workshops are appropriate for anyone who would like to enjoy flamenco as an art form, dancers, musicians, singers. As my students advance in their flamenco journey, I also offer them opportunities to join my cuadro at my regular tablao performances.

For more information about flamenco classes in Calgary and to register, please contact me at:

Current summer schedule:
All classes are held at UniverseSoul Dance Studio
LOCATION: Small studio at UniverseSoulDance
ADDRESS: Bay 13, 3300 – 14th Ave NE

Technique (Intermediate/Advanced)
TIME: Tuesdays   |   6:00 – 7:00 PM
COST: $100 – June | $80 – July | $100 – August | $25 drop-ins

Choreography – Solea (Advanced)
TIME: Tuesdays   |   7:00 – 8:00 PM
COST: $100 – June | $80 – July | $100 – August | $25 drop-ins

Introduction to Flamenco – Tangos (Beginner)
TIME: Wednesdays   |   6:30 – 7:30 PM
COST: $100 – June | $80 – July | $100 – August | $25 drop-ins
This class has live accompaniment by Joseph Dort on guitar, Judith Romero on cajon and palmas, and Antonia Velazquez singing.

Choreography – Tientos (Intermediate)
TIME: Thursdays   |   6:00 – 7:00 PM
COST: $100 – June | $80 – July | $100 – August | $25 drop-ins

Sevillanas (Beginner/Intermediate)
TIME: every 2nd Thursday   |   7:00 – 8:30 PM
COST: $30 per class| drop-in or sign up for the full month


Beyond Compas: palmas and rhythm (Open Level)
DATE: Sundays – Mar 12, Apr 16, Apr 30
TIME: 11AM – 1PM
COST: $60 per workshop
LOCATION: Romero Distilling Co. (688 Heritage Dr SE #300, Calgary)

Bulerias por Fiesta (Open Level)
DATE: Sundays – Mar 19, Apr 23
TIME: 11AM – 1PM
COST: $60 per workshop
LOCATION: Romero Distilling Co. (688 Heritage Dr SE #300, Calgary)

One-on-one training:

If you have a specific challenge that you would like to address, I also offer one-on-one training through private classes. Together, we can work on the technical aspects of your dance or create a dance for you that can be performed in the setting of your choosing. Shoot me a message with your ideas and we can go from there.

Bulerias are one of the most diverse flamenco palo, as it varies across different regions, leading to a variety of colours and expressions that come together as a fast-paced thrilling experience. At first, bulerias can seem intimidating, however, all it takes is having an understanding of the overall structure, rhythm and flow, and knowing when the rules hold or break.

Photo by Tyler Baker Photography