© Tyler Baker Photography
© Tyler Baker Photography


Through my flamenco training in Madrid, Spain, I have been immersed in a world where traditional flamenco meets innovation and contemporary forms of expression. I love to ground my artistic practice in tradition and also explore the boundaries and the intersection of flamenco with contemporary arts forms. My creative process is based on free and structured improvisations, while building spatial and rhythmic patterns in response to the music and other visual and audio inputs. I am inspired to explore and expand the creative vocabulary of a flamenco dancer through interaction with dancers and artists from other disciplines. Growing up in Mexico, my work is also infused with an influence of Latin American Magic Realism.

In magical realism, stories do not revolve around a main character, rather tell the story of a place through the people that inhabit it across different generations. While the story is grounded in reality, elements of magic are always present, appearing as if they have always been there, as something common and almost mundane.

These ideas have driven my dance practice to expand and touch on elements of visual poetry and media art. As a result, I am interested in multi-disciplinary collaborations including new media, digital and body painting and video art in my dance creations, as well as weaving in poetry and spoken word authored by myself and other local artists.



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