Anastassiia Alexander is a Russian-born, Mexican flamenco dancer residing in Calgary, Canada. Trained in Madrid, Spain, her artistic practice is rooted in tradition, yet explores the boundaries and the intersection of flamenco with contemporary performance. She has integrated her work in a variety of genres, including opera, spoken word, and media art.

A versatile dancer, Anastassiia has performed in productions varying from contemporary to traditional flamenco tablaos in Canada and Mexico, including: Calgary International Flamenco Festival (Calgary), Victoria Flamenco Festival (Victoria), Fluid Festival (Calgary), Ibérica Contemporánea (Queretaro), Encuentro Internacional Al Andalus en Mexico (Mexico city), and numerous traditional tablaos in Mexico city, such as Hojas de Te, and flamenco performances in Calgary, Canada. She has also performed in various productions with Calgary Concert Opera (Calgary), in the production of Carmen at the Badlands by Mercury Opera (Edmonton), and collaborated with numerous artists from different disciplines such as visual artist Gabriele Kuzabaviciute, Calgary based poet Miranda Krogstad, spoken word performer BASK, world musician Jeff Kavanda, Syrian-born singer-songwriter and oud player Aya Mhana, jazz singer Tina Hartt, to name a few.

In 2016, she formed a contemporary flamenco ensemble, 12 Musas, together with violinist Jonatha Lewis (Canada/Mexico city).  In 2018, she created an opera-flamenco fusion project, Tierra de Luz, with soprano Linda Faye Miller presenting series of concerts together. In 2019, she co-produced Tarantella with Berlin-based dancer Fiona Malena that toured in Canada. Same year, she was the winner of Flamenco Rosario’s Creative Residency during the Vancouver Flamenco Festival. In September of 2020, Anastassiia was an artist-in-residence at the Good Women Dance Collective (Edmonton). Recently, she was invited to present a solo show The Machinations of Memories Supressed at the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival 2022.

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Photo by Larry Kwon


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